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Reliability • Accuracy • Quality
Our promise to our customers

Since 1982 we have been providing state of the art software products and technologies to healthcare providers across the globe. Our products improve the quality of treatment at reduced costs and efforts. Our Competence lies in accurate treatment planning, in managing images and in healthcare information systems.

We have ISO 13485 certification and we lay emphasis on quality and on compliance. Our products comply with the highest standards. Food and Drugs Administration, United States has approved our Class II products. World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency and Governments of various countries have patronized our products.


IHE integration on health care
can help during down turn!
Product Overview
A brief on some of our key products in health care

An Intelligent, interoperable EMR workflow system for eye care. it conforms with IHE protocols enabling a multi vendor interactive environment.
A safe and accurate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System. It has approval from Food and Drugs Administration USA under section 510 (k)
A state of the art Picture Archiving and Communication System. It adopts DICOM standard for creating, storing and communicating digital images.

TSG Integrations Mission
Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485