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TSG IVEIW is an Intelligent Workflow system for ophthalmologists. Its a seamless, robust, scalable and fully interoperable system for storage and diagnosis for eye care. This state of the art system increases convenience, increases possibilities and improves quality of diagnosis at reduced costs & efforts. It helps clinicians provide a greater value to their patients.

With TSG ASHA 3D XRT Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System (RTPS) physicists can simulate the application of radiation to a patient for a proposed radiotherapy treatment in order to pre-evaluate the total curative and harmful effects. Approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Department Of Health and Human Services, United States of America under section 510 (k) this system provides accuracy, safety and convenience.

Used for Brachytherapy Treatment Planning TSG ASHA 3D Brachytherapy Treatment Planning is a computer software based electronic system that is used to simulate the application of radiation to a patient in order to pre-evaluate the total curative and harmful effects. The system is an accurate, safe, capable and convenient system for treatment planning providing rich and advanced information.

(Virtual Simulation for Radiotherapy)
Doctors and physicists use TSG LAKSH Simulation System for Radiotherapy to simulate patient setup for design of beams in accordance with intended treatment. It is a highly capable and flexible system that can integrate with systems and devices. It assists doctors and medical physicists to arrive at treatment prescription.

Oncology departments use TSG DISHA Oncology Information System hospital for improving productivity and quality of patient care. It facilitates implementation of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments through efficient scheduling of resources, verification of treatments, information access, resolving conflicts, storing dosimetry and data, creating follow up and alerts for managing patient treatments.

TSG DICOM TALKS (MEDICAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT) is a Picture Archiving and Communication System for computerized on-line receiving, storing, archiving and visualizing of medical images in digital form for use in a department of a hospital. Doctors can use the data for better diagnosis and treatment of patients.


Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485