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Since 1982 TSG Integrations has provided state of the art products and technologies to customers across the globe. We are committed to our customers and have a passion for technology and innovation. We have ISO 13485 certification and we lay emphasis on quality and on compliance. Our products comply with the highest standards and some relevent products have approval from Food and Drugs Administration, US.

Our Objective is to develop reliable software and systems in order to improve the quality of treatment and provide that at reduced costs and efforts. Our software and expertise unify and simplify complex IT environments. Our specialization spans from life saving medical systems where accuracy and reliability is most essential as in the case of our treatment planning systems to systems providing convenience and possibilities for clinicians as in the case of our workflow systems for interoperability.

Our Emphasis is on the customer. From distinct & specialized solutions for large hospitals to innovative standard products for mid size clinics, we have been able to fulfill the needs of our customers. We enable our customers to gain an edge in medical treatment and diagnosis with our products. Our systems help in keeping our customers agile towards the changing needs in the medical field. We have more than seventy large satisfied customers around the globe. World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency and Governments of various countries have patronized our products.

Our Competence lies in our understanding and expertise in accurate treatment planning, in managing images, in imaging solutions and in healthcare information systems. This expertise is built over twenty-five years of experience in healthcare and in Information technology.

Our Investment in research drives our product development. We have associations and affiliations in research and development with various reputed organizations and have also contributed towards research in various medical fields. We have been participating in various conferences and have published papers in healthcare journals and delivered invited talks in forums in various countries.

Our Commitment to innovation ensures our delivery to our customers.

Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485