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Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System

TSG ASHA 3D XRT Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System (RTPS) is computer software based electronic system that is used to simulate the application of radiation to a patient for a proposed radiotherapy treatment in order to pre-evaluate the total curative and harmful effects. It provides estimates of absorbed dose distribution in the patient using mathematical algorithms. A qualified person uses the information of absorbed dose distributions in planning a course of radiotherapy. The system has network communication interface with DICOM compliant CT, MRI, Simulator, ultrasound, and TPS equipment for image data acquisition.

It is an accurate, safe, capable and convenient system for treatment planning providing rich and advanced information. It provides greater choice and flexibility to clinicians planning radiotherapy treatment. It improves utilization and manageability of stored images enhancing convenience and treatment quality.


TSG ASHA 3D XRT has approval from Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Department Of Health and Human Services, United States of America under section 510 (k)

FDA Approval


Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485