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TSG Integrations, has invested in building expertise in accurate treatment planning, image management & imaging systems and in Information systems for various specialties. Each of the specialties requires specialized development and research and that’s how we are organized.

Radiology Division:
Focuses on radiation planning systems, Image Management systems, workflow systems

Oncology Division:
Is currently focused on oncology treatment planning systems besides workflow systems

Ophthalmology Division:
Focused on IHE compliant workflow systems enabling the Ophthalmology players to be compliant by IHE.

Cardiology Division:
Involved in development of workflow systems and in development of Image Management systems for cardiology.

Roentgen Oncology Systems:
This is a joint venture between TSG Integrations and medical doctors in India for establishing Cancer Treatment Centres. The first Centre would be established in six months time. This venture would also provide TSG Integrations a potential to conduct research and develop its products.

Our commitment is long term to our customers and our organization mirrors the developments in various specialties.

Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485