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Medical Imaging Management System

TSG DICOM TALKS (MEDICAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT) is a Picture Archiving and Communication System for computerized on-line receiving, storing, archiving and visualizing of medical images in digital form for use in a department of a hospital. It communicates with other departments in a local area network or outside the hospital using wide area network technology. Adoption of DICOM standard for creating, storing and communicating digital images has accelerated the development of new solutions in the practice of medicine. Digital images provide more information to the doctors compared to images on films.

Doctors can use the data for better diagnosis and treatment of patients. All images can be accessed and viewed on computer display terminals through PACS implementation included in this system. The system enables users to capture, process, and transmit or receive radiological data. Text data, such as studies and patient data, as well as high-resolution images can be processed and transmitted. This system is intended for improving the productivity of the department through better access to medical images for quality of patient care. The system is designed to be modular. It may be configured for a small, medium or large department for information exchange with any DICOM compliant source. The system can also be configured for a small clinic as well as individual doctor having access to DICOM images in a network or through media exchange.



Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485