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TSG DISHA Oncology Information System is intended for oncology department of a hospital for improving productivity and quality of patient care. The system facilitates implementation of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments through efficient scheduling of resources, verification of treatments, information access, resolving conflicts, storing dosimetry and patient data, cancer registry, patient follow-up and creating event specific alerts for managing patient treatments in a safer and orderly manner.

TSG DISHA is a highly capable and intelligent system providing a high degree of safety, flexibility and convenience to clinicians. It is advanced and rich with features such as OPD management, alert and event analyzer providing higher possibilities to clinicians. It enables higher communication between clinicians improving treatment quality. It has built in features, which give an advanced manageability of images, and has capability to interface and integrate seamlessly.

DISHA Oncology Information System consists of a DISHA Manager, choice of DISHA Servers, DISHA Modality Interfaces, DISHA User Modules, DISHA Report Modules and DISHA Networks.



Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485