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Three decades ago, in 1978, Mr. S. L. Kapoor along with three other software professionals found an opportunity with specialized software products for enterprises. The four software professionals joined hands to start The Systems Group (TSG) specializing in turnkey software solutions for large enterprises.

In the year 1982, Mr. S.L. Kapoor founded TSG Integrations to develop hardware, software, special interfaces and application know-how for the healthcare industry. Among the first few products developed were Radiotherapy applications.

Early in 1982, TSG Integrations associated with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Bombay to develop the Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System. AIIMS is a center of excellence in medical sciences in India and Bhabha Atomic Research Center is an internationally acclaimed premier multidisciplinary nuclear research center. TSG Integrations has always laid emphasis on research in development of its products.

In 1982, TSG Integrations built its first prototype of Radiation Treatment Planning system and demonstrated its capabilities to World Health Organization (WHO). The same year it presented the India's first Radiotheraphy Treatment Planning System to Indian Radiology & Imaging Association (IRAI). The system was announced for use at the Annual Conference of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI).

In 1986, World Health Organization (WHO) approved of TSG Integrations Radiotheraphy Treatment Planning System helping TSG Integrations to move across countries around the globe. This system was adopted by a number of hospitals and cancer research institutes across the globe.

By 1990, TSG Integrations was acknowledged among the pioneers in development of imaging solutions when it introduced its 2-D Treatment Planning System (TSG-RADPLAN) for Healthcare. It was a known expert in Medical Image management and was among the first few companies to introduce PACS based systems

TSG Integrations implemented eighteen installations of Radiotherapy Treatment planning System across ten countriesin year 1991 and 1992.

By 1993, TSG Integrations was among the first ones to introduce 3-D Treatment Planning System (TSG-ASHA). With this product TSG Integrations established its leadership in the domain of Treatment Planning System.

In 2003, TSG Integrations built its own Healthcare Information Systems (TSG-DISHA) for various specialties and integrated the system with its Treatment Planning & Medical Imaging Solutions.

Innovation has driven success of TSG Integrations. With its experties in Treatment Planning, in Medical Imaging and in Information Systems, TSG Integrations has begun debuting new products. Today with its new introductions, as TSG-iView it hopes to continue leading the market through its innovations.

What’s in store for tomorrow? TSG Integrations continues to strive towards its commitment of innovation, research and customer satisfaction that has defined TSG for the lIntegrations for the last twenty-five years.

Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485