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home » company » our mission Our Mission

  • Make available high value solutions in the field of healthcare at affordable costs.

  • Maintain world-class research and development to achieve high quality products.

  • Provide complete integration and seamless interoperability with external products by complying with international standards for data exchange.

  • Make our products for global market by compliance with international standards and recommendations of professional bodies.

  • Maintain high standard of support and services to users of our products.

  • Provide opportunities for young professionals to develop their talents and skills to full potential for benefit for themselves, customers and the company.

Our Vision

Be known as a responsible innovative scientific organization in the field of healthcare.

Continually develop newer, better, more effective, and safer products for radiotherapy.
Encourage young qualified professionals for development of expertise in the application of computer technology, radiation physics, and clinical data for radiotherapy.

Unite individual strengths into organization strength.

Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve customer confidence and satisfaction through innovation and continual improvement in our process approach. This will be done by maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality management system and by periodic review of our objectives. We shall operate within the framework of applicable regulatory requirements.

Food and Drug Administration Approval
Quality Management System - ISO 13485